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Mission 4: Thesis Submission Post-Viva UPM Postgraduate Life

Amalina have lots to do also (-_-'')sigh

You have to do correction in the time given.

List to do:

1. Do your thesis correction (in new format- single space, double sided etc.)-make 1hardcopy (plastic cover)

2. Go to sgs portal download forms:
-Gs16a (thesis submission post-viva)
in this form you need to get signature and stamp of :
*examiner (only one for master, 2 for phd)
*chairman of the viva session 

-Gs17a (graduation particulars)
to download these form you need to pay the fees for graduation first (RM212 including gst)..
pay via cimbclicks>paybills>UPM serdang>insert your info(matrix no and ic no)>pay>print screen the transaction details
go to sgs portal, insert your of'll be able to download the form

3. Ask SGS for the reports, usually it will take about 1day for the chairman to finish the report, usually your supervisor can ask advance report, so you can prepare the correction earlier

4. You will have to download list of correction form:

5. You have to prepare all things no.1,2,4 and 7.. pile in some files so your sv, examiner and chairman can check the correction, then approve it.

6. Gs17- you need to have endorsement from sgs bursar and library (they want to check whether you have pending bills..if you have, you'll have to clear it first)

7. Not forget, to do the turnitin once you have your new version of thesis - 1hardcopy

8.Get all of these things done, and send it to thesis counter in SGS1.

Best of luck. Its not finish yet. You have to submit your thesis with hardcover one....will cont...("-_-)sighh

Mission 2: Viva prep
Mission 3: Its viva

Mission 3: Its Viva Time UPM Postgraduate Life

Ok..its the action day!!!!

Ganbate ne!!!


1. Your slide presentation -

2. Save it in your pendrive/ the room they provide pc for you, so if you dont want to bring your laptop..its ok..but must bring the pendrive yaa!!! The presentation must finish within the time given (20minutes)

3. Get there early... like 15-30minutes before start..ask SGS person to prepare your room (they'll operate the room facilities for you)..check your name and room number beside the counter..they'll show some playcard with your name, room and time.

4.You can bring all of your things (whether you want to bring pile of journals you have reffered, laptop, datas..its all up to you) i bring a pile of journal which i put under the table..hehehe

5.Prepare answer for most common question : novelty of your study!! 

6. You'll be asked whether you want to present first or go through your thesis..for me, i prefer present first, because to go through your thesis it will cost long time, and you'll be wet with the raining question from each, you might feel little bit down (if the examiners being harsh '-__-)

7. Then after you have finish presentation, you'll be asked question related to your slide, after that they'll go through your thesis page by page (if you have study your thesis, it'll be no confident, you know what you do, if you done wrong..just admit it..say you'll make the correction ^_^)

8.After few hours, you'll be asked to be out of the room for some times, bcoz they are making the decision whether you have major/minor correction (me? around 15minutes)

if you have minor-1months given
major-3months given

to do all the correction

for master student:

*be note that usually your external examiner will not come..he/she might just send the report to SGS, so the chairman will take charge in reading the comments
* in viva room you will have 2examiner (1internal, 1external), a chairman, your sv committee (supervisor/co-sv) and you

for pHD student:
*usually your external will come
*ull have 3examiner (2internal,1external), chairman, sv committee and you in the viva room

Then, they'll ask you to come in and reveal the finalize report. Major or minor?

Alhamdulillah..I got minor correction. ^_^

Good luck guys!!!

Mission2: viva preparation

Mission 4: Thesis Submission Post-Viva UPM Postgraduate Life

Mission 3: Its Viva Time UPM Postgraduate Life

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