Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trip To Kerala, India : Part 2

23/10; Chalakkudy
24/10; Alapuzzha
25/10; Thrissur
26/10; Palakkad
27/10; Kochi
28/10; Balik

First Day

we all sampai dalam pukul 8pagi kot..then after arrival terus bergerak ke homestay kitaorg. Makan breakfast dulu!!!
Ni suasana luar airport Kochi

dalam rumah homestay
Breakfast ngan banana dulu

Variety of vegetarion food; all these were prepared by the owner's wife... all are vege so no worry for muslim

Outside view of our cosy and green homestay
we all go to Athirapally- Vazhachal falls (100 rupees/person)
for those yang pernah tgok cerita "Bahubali" (filem Tamil/Bollywood pon ade) scene kat waterfall tu dibuat kat cni kan...awesome!!! cantik sgt air terjun die!!!

cite bahubali the beginning..sila cari nanti ya!!

Masuk je pintu..korg kena walk dlm 2km lagi..berbukit2 jugak nak smpi waterfalls ni...mmg worth it sbb cantik sgt!!!
Pintu masuk

Monkey yg behave*mmg baik k..xtipu

Ruang pejalanan kaki

Sungai die

Saya trekking ^_^

Dari jauh

Ni kereta ni susah kot nk nmpk kt M'Sia..hehee..antik giler

Another tutt..tutt

Jualan kt tepi2 jalan nk msuk pintu tu

pemandangan dekat sikit

Vazhachal falls
Butterflies garden (30+15 rupees/person)- Thumboormuzhy Dam and hanging bridge

the butterlies garden are next to thrmboormuzhy dam..these two places were connected by the hanging bridge (quite long one..maybe around 100metres or more)...

Kerala butterflies

In butterflies park
Them..hahha..walking on the hanging bridge

Dam view from the hanging bridge

Next..we plan to go to Kauthuka park  but the day we went...the animal zoo park was closed.. T_T

then, we went back to airport to fetch 2 v.i.p (our supervisors)..diorg ambik flight mlm..then, balik mkn, we ate at normal restaurant serving halal food, its quite easy to find halal food since muslims are quite a numbers here....then, peacefully fall asleep after adventure yet enjoyable journey today
room facilities: got tv there..hanger,, towel, blanket

Second day
yeay..Alleppey houseboat ride!!!!! part 3

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trip To Kerala, India

Nak cerita trip kali KERALA, India.

Actually, trip ni da nak a year (26TH OCT 2015) back. I've got a wedding invitation from one of my teammate while doing postgrad studies..or some might call labmate??, he invited all of our lab members (staff and students)..jadi, we come out with some plan..why not we try to explore a little bit of Kerala wonders before the wedding.

Kad jemputan kawin Mr Raghunath Pariyani (25th Oct 2015)

So, here we started with:

1. TICKET; bought from ticket

return ticket cost around RM500 -+ ; KLIA2 >> KOCHI airport
date : depart ; 23-28/10/2015


Yes, Malaysian need visa to enter INDIA.

No worry, its pretty easy for Malaysian to get one. You just have to fill in the form thru online website ; visa <<< klik link ni..nanti dia akan bagi semua maklumat yg perlu utk dapatkan visa 

Ada pilihan, untuk malaysian passport..kita boleh je terus mintak e-tourist visa, yang boleh terus bayar online dgn credit card...tapi BEWARE..diorg xkan proceed permohonan even dgn slightest type mistake..or borang xlengkap..jadi better,, korg guna regular visa je or klu korg berani risk kn duit korg...and yakin all is well boleh la guna option yg first tu. Jdi, utk regular visa;

1.bawak borang yang dah korang isi dengan teliti tu..printkn
2. gambar (2"x2", backgorund putih)..kalau korg g kedai gambar ckap je nk ambil gamabr utk visa ke India, dorg selalunya mmg da ad standrd ukuran gamba tu
3. passport merah korg
4.duit..dulu dalam rm 160++ kot..skrg maybe da tmbh mahal
5.tikect/boarding pass (yang korg da beli tu, print dan bawak ye, ticket return sekali)
6.diri korg sendiri (sebab kena ambik 10finger print ye..hahaa)

p/s; kat dlm borang tu ade mntk details LENGKAP ye alamat penginapan dan juga no tel org di India. Jadi, make sure korg ada maklumat ni...dan pastikan simpan maklumat ni sbb masa kt imigresen di aiport dorg akn tnya lagi skali bnde ni..jadi prepare ye.

7. korg gi ke IVS Global Visa Centre kt KL :

G-01, Ground Floor, Straits Trading Building, No. 2, Lebuh Pasar Besar, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

or kalau korg dari area lain kt Malaysia, korg boleh pergi office dia kat negeri korg. Boleh check link.


ni penting..sbb kalau korg nk gi mana2 pon, better ada perancangan awal..tmpt2 mana korg nak gi, accomodate, transport bagai. Tambah kalau korg backpackers lagi la kena wat research bagai., Memandangkan kali ni trip ke India atas jemputan org..bakal pengantin tu da offer utk carikan pakej je. Trip ni pon disertai oleh supervisor(SV) "kesayangan" saya..hahaa..jd dorg kan taraf v.i.p..kena la proper skit kn...kih3..kitaorg ikut je la pakej berkenaan..bahagia sejahtera hidup...cuma duit tu xbrapa nk jimat sgt la..TAPI,, for this trip..I would say..its really WORTH IT!! sbb dgn semua service die yg meleTOPs!! i would totally recommend these package to you.

my friend introduce us to the package own by Mr Suresh Mathew ; EcoGreen homestay 

they provide all the facilities (accomodate ; homestay,, transportaion; tempo traveller enough for 10peeps, breakfast etc.)


Kerala located at South India, popular as "God's own country"... it's  well known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters, a network of canals..yeah of course with its NATURE!!

Athirappilly Falls
Alleppey houseboat

Ok,..these are just few of them..will show you in -part 2- others.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mission 5: Hardcover Thesis Subsmission

These post might be too long..

Im sure this will help you...A LOT ^_^
 Did you know UPM has introduce new format for thesis hardcover???

See the grey b5 size book??? Thats UPM new cover thesis format (since end of 2015)

Ok..first checklist:

1. Have you received an email from SGS saying that you have awarded with your postgraduate degree??

 this is mine...hahahaa..yours??? getting any?

If can continue your thesis hardcover journey 
before that youll also have some email about last confirmation title of your thesis.

So, you have to check your email regularly yah ^_^v

2. Then, you must go to SGS1, counter no3(for thesis matter) ..ask:

-for your examined formatted thesis (the sgs officer will check your last thesis submission post viva, they'll mark down the right format for you on your thesis)
-take the marked thesis 
-they'll attach you some paper that can guide you to prepare for the right format
-theyll also give you a page that SGS dean has sign for you, so you can attach it in your thesis

guidelines for harcover thesis (as per pictures)

-theyll give you some green form for you to get some stamp from your faculty/institute and sgs (they'll stamp for you once you have submit the thesis 1 copy to sgs, and 1 to faculty/institute office) have to submit it by yourself to faculty

3. There are only 2 print shop which able to do UPM hardcover  :

choose either May Chin Ent. (Old flat) or Perniagaan Weng Seng (near D'ateh restaurant, same block with Bismillah-mamak restaurant)

the address is shown in the second picture..please refer to it

4. There are several things I want to remind you to check before print your thesis:
  • make sure your softcopy in a4 size, but do change your default setting in words..from letter to a4
  •  your margin ; Top: 1" Bottom; 1" Left: 1.58' Right : 1"
  • you might have to check as well the paragraph : right click > paragraph> indents and spacing
use this as your reference; 
-2space for after chapter no, 
-2space for new paragraph,
-2space after paragraph
-2space before pictures/tables
-1 space after subtitle

fussy??? be it...just slowly check your have to make it right..
or else it will be return to you(even if youve make the hardcover, if the format is not right, theyll ask you to redo)
Yes..SGS do check the, just make sure you ask the print shop owner, whether you are doing it worry, theyll guide you how to do it, since UPM paid them to do the job..hehee 
the shop owner will do the rest for you after the format is done..theyll convert your thesis softcopy to pdf> b5 format pdf> burn the softcopy into cd>print>hardcover it

  • before you do the hardcover, print 1 copy of the thesis without hardcover...go to sgs1 back..ask them to check first..theyll hand you some book to prove they have check it (so theyll wouldnt be any thesis rejecting after this)

  • you have to print about 6 - 7 copies of thesis ( 1 copy for supervisor, 1 for co-supervisor, 1 for sgs, 1 for faculty, 1for KPT/MyBrain scholar -to claim your money, 1 for yourself to keep and for your collection ^_____^v
  • dont forget to bring the one page that SGS dean has signed..theyll need it for combining your thesis..the shop will scan it for you and make proper copy for your thesis copies
  •  one thesis copy will be around rm30-40 , so just multiply by the no you need....haaaaa..expensive right..luckily can claim back da money...hahahaa
  • you;ll also have to do summary of abstract for back cover of your thesis (just like some synopsys back there right???)..itll be just around 250words
  •   also..after finish, you have to get sign from your supervisor, co supervisor in your the page for committee consent

 5. If you have your paper accepted or publish; you have to submit GS-25 form;
(must submit this or else your transcript and official senate letter will be on hold)

and also submit 1 copy of your hardcover thesis to SGS1 and 1 to faculty, 1copy of CD

 6. Submit thesis claim to KPT, Putrajaya;


Alright, I'll update the link from my previous post regarding thesis and viva for you to refer:

Mission 2: Viva prep
Mission 3: Its viva 

Trip To Kerala, India : Part 2

Trip To Kerala, India

Mission 5: Hardcover Thesis Subsmission