Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mission 5: Hardcover Thesis Subsmission

These post might be too long..

Im sure this will help you...A LOT ^_^
 Did you know UPM has introduce new format for thesis hardcover???

See the grey b5 size book??? Thats UPM new cover thesis format (since end of 2015)

Ok..first checklist:

1. Have you received an email from SGS saying that you have awarded with your postgraduate degree??

 this is mine...hahahaa..yours??? getting any?

If can continue your thesis hardcover journey 
before that youll also have some email about last confirmation title of your thesis.

So, you have to check your email regularly yah ^_^v

2. Then, you must go to SGS1, counter no3(for thesis matter) ..ask:

-for your examined formatted thesis (the sgs officer will check your last thesis submission post viva, they'll mark down the right format for you on your thesis)
-take the marked thesis 
-they'll attach you some paper that can guide you to prepare for the right format
-theyll also give you a page that SGS dean has sign for you, so you can attach it in your thesis

guidelines for harcover thesis (as per pictures)

-theyll give you some green form for you to get some stamp from your faculty/institute and sgs (they'll stamp for you once you have submit the thesis 1 copy to sgs, and 1 to faculty/institute office) have to submit it by yourself to faculty

3. There are only 2 print shop which able to do UPM hardcover  :

choose either May Chin Ent. (Old flat) or Perniagaan Weng Seng (near D'ateh restaurant, same block with Bismillah-mamak restaurant)

the address is shown in the second picture..please refer to it

4. There are several things I want to remind you to check before print your thesis:
  • make sure your softcopy in a4 size, but do change your default setting in words..from letter to a4
  •  your margin ; Top: 1" Bottom; 1" Left: 1.58' Right : 1"
  • you might have to check as well the paragraph : right click > paragraph> indents and spacing
use this as your reference; 
-2space for after chapter no, 
-2space for new paragraph,
-2space after paragraph
-2space before pictures/tables
-1 space after subtitle

fussy??? be it...just slowly check your have to make it right..
or else it will be return to you(even if youve make the hardcover, if the format is not right, theyll ask you to redo)
Yes..SGS do check the, just make sure you ask the print shop owner, whether you are doing it worry, theyll guide you how to do it, since UPM paid them to do the job..hehee 
the shop owner will do the rest for you after the format is done..theyll convert your thesis softcopy to pdf> b5 format pdf> burn the softcopy into cd>print>hardcover it

  • before you do the hardcover, print 1 copy of the thesis without hardcover...go to sgs1 back..ask them to check first..theyll hand you some book to prove they have check it (so theyll wouldnt be any thesis rejecting after this)

  • you have to print about 6 - 7 copies of thesis ( 1 copy for supervisor, 1 for co-supervisor, 1 for sgs, 1 for faculty, 1for KPT/MyBrain scholar -to claim your money, 1 for yourself to keep and for your collection ^_____^v
  • dont forget to bring the one page that SGS dean has signed..theyll need it for combining your thesis..the shop will scan it for you and make proper copy for your thesis copies
  •  one thesis copy will be around rm30-40 , so just multiply by the no you need....haaaaa..expensive right..luckily can claim back da money...hahahaa
  • you;ll also have to do summary of abstract for back cover of your thesis (just like some synopsys back there right???)..itll be just around 250words
  •   also..after finish, you have to get sign from your supervisor, co supervisor in your the page for committee consent

 5. If you have your paper accepted or publish; you have to submit GS-25 form;
(must submit this or else your transcript and official senate letter will be on hold)

and also submit 1 copy of your hardcover thesis to SGS1 and 1 to faculty, 1copy of CD

 6. Submit thesis claim to KPT, Putrajaya;


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